Lumber Room

lumber-sale-boardThe Sun City West Woodworking club has a lumber room where members can purchase lumber, sheet goods, glue, dowels, and other small supplies.  The lumber room regularly stocks Baltic Birch, Oak, MDF and melamine sheet goods. There is Maple, Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Alder, Mahogany and Hickory dimension lumber available in the lumber room.

If you want to buy lumber, go to the tool crib and ask the tool crib manager to page a “lumber room sales person”. The sales person is a club volunteer that helps in the lumber room on an as needed basis. The lumber room not normally open, unless someone has asked for sales assistance. The sales person will meet you at the lumber room and will unlock the door.

There is a price list posted on the lumber room door that will tell you about many of the items available and the prices. Try to be prepared when you get in the lumber room. Remember, the volunteer sales rep is a member just like and has a project they want to get back to.

You can buy whole boards and sheets of plywood, or partial board and portions of plywood sheets. The rule is that you must leave at least 4 feet of any board, and sheet goods are sole as whole, half or quarter sheets.

If you are cutting a board or sheet, bring some help if it is too large or heavy for you to handle by yourself. After cutting, return the portion you are not buying to the lumber room shelf that it came from. Once you have made your selection, the lumber room sales rep will measure and price each item. Boards are priced by the board foot and are measured by width and length. Sheet goods are measure by whole, half or quarter sheet. The sales rep will create and invoice for you and payment can be made in cash, check or credit card.

If you want something that is not normally stocked in the lumber room, it can be special ordered. The lumber room manager will take your information and a description of what you want to order. The lumber room manager will contact the wholesaler to get availability and price and let you know. If you want to buy the wood, it will be ordered for you and can be delivered on the next regular order. The shop restocks regularly, so it won’t take long. By waiting for the next regular deliver, there won’t be any added delivery change. Once your order arrives, you pay for it by cash, check or credit card and take you order with you. The lumber room does not have the space to keep materials for members or hold orders for very long.