SCW Woodworkers Club
Club House Phone Number: (623) 546-4722
Shop Procedures



Additional Workshop Access is available through Member Service. As with all of the clubs and many of the services provided here in Sun City West, the operation of our Woodworking Club depends on the voluntary involvement of its members. Their generous support contributes to the camaraderie in our community, and helped us create the largest and one of the best equipped woodworking clubs in America.
Each dues-paying member is automatically credited with one day of access per month to the woodshop. Members who wish to access the woodshop more than one day per month are asked to provide four hours of service to the club each month.  Service may be as follows:
  • Acting as a monitor or shop manager during normal shop hours  (General Monitoring Guidelines)
  • Joining the Saturday housekeeping crew twice a month
  • Working on the maintenance team in equipment repair or sharpening
  • Teaching a skills class
  • Participating in the orientation training
  • Working at the Village Store
  • Serving on a committee
  • Helping the Club in some other board-approved service activity.

New Member Orientation Handbook

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How-to Videos
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All Table saws are now SawStop types. The following tables are dedicated:

Number four (4) saw (nearest the lumber room) is now set up to accept dado blades. This is a Saw Stop as well and wrenches are on the saw.

Number five (5) saw (nearest the chop saws) is the saw that will handle the blade changes. Wrenches will be on the saw to do this.