Officers and Board Members

Wood Shop Club Organization

“The purpose of the club is to operate as a Chartered Club and provide its facilities and equipment for the benefit and enjoyment of its Members in the furtherance of woodworking skills and to promote fellowship among its Members, all the while emphasizing safety in woodworking and in the operation and use of tools and powered machinery.”

The club is managed by a boards of officers and directors. The board is elected each year by the general membership. This board makes decisions about the operations and finances of the club. Major decisions are made by a vote of the membership at a monthly general meeting.  The term of office runs from April 1 to March 30.


Woodworking Club Officers – 2016 – 2017
 President  Ken Brydon 231-206-2028
 Vice President Peggy Sainato  928-717-0026
 Treasurer  Roger Lansberry   623-546-0430
 Secretary Dave Hill  623-889-1451
 Director  Jim Booy  623-214-9588
 Director  Bill Ridel  785-470-7041
 Director  Dave French   480-290-3714
 Director  Sue Travisan  906-285-2140
 Director  Max Thompson  507-340-5150


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