New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation Class


Every new SCW wood club member goes through orientation when joining the woodworking club. The purpose of the orientation is to make sure every member is familiar with the operation of  the shop, understands shop safety and the safe operation of the equipment.

If you are interested in joining the club start by coming to the club and signup for the next new member orientation class. Classes are limited to 15 new members each month. They fill up fast. The class is held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon of the first week of the first Tuesday of each month. See the Club Calendar in “Quick Links” for exact dates.  If you can’t get into the next class, you can sign up for the following month. If there are cancellations, people on the next month’s roster are called and can join the current class. Classes are limited to 15 people so that each person gets a chance to use the equipment and so the instructors can work with small groups of new members.

Just before the orientation class that you’re going to attend, you’ll receive an email. The email will explain the dates, time and detail schedule. It will also direct you to the club web site to view and print the orientation training materials. In addition, there are a few videos that you should watch prior to attending the orientation class.

During the class, you’ll complete enrollment, review operations, safety and member responsibilities. You’ll take a tour of the shop and review all the equipment. There will be equipment demonstrations and hands on practice for every person. You’ll also get a detailed look at the lumber room and learn how to buy material. The tool room, or tool crib, has a large set of small power tools, hand tools, router and drill bits. Almost anything you need is available in the tool crib. You’ll learn how to check out tools, signup for monitoring and how to sign in for shop credits.

At the end of the orientation class, you’ll get your shop badge and can enter and use the shop on your own.

At this point you have full use of the shop. For many experienced woodworkers, that is enough. For newcomers to woodworking, there are many options. There are classes where you make your own toolbox, learn to make boxes, learn wood turning and more. There are many volunteer options at the shop as well. This is a great way to meet people, learn and contribute. The Christmas toy making program is very popular. You could volunteer to help with special projects, or monitor to get more familiar with the shop and tools. If you’re looking for projects, the library has a huge collection of books, magazine and videos of woodworking related topics.

The following documents can be viewed and printed in preparation for the orientation class.


Shop Videos