SCW Woodworking Club Bylaws

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Section A. Name of the Club
The name of the Club is the "Sun City West Woodworking Club".

Section B. Purpose of Club
The purpose is to operate a Chartered Club and provide its facilities and equipment for the benefit and enjoyment of its Members in the furtherance of woodworking skills and to promote fellowship among its Members, all the while emphasizing safety in woodworking and in the operation and use of tools and powered machinery.

Section C.
These Bylaws willfully comply with the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs. In the event of a conflict between these Bylaws and the above stated governing documents of the Recreation Centers, the Recreation Center’s document shall prevail.

Section D.
This Chartered Club shall be operated as a nonprofit organization in accordance with applicable Arizona and Internal Revenue Tax Exempt Codes, and the Bylaws of the Recreation Center.

Section E. Definitions -
Meaning of terms As used in the Bylaws and the Operations Manual:
           1. "Club" shall mean the Sun City West Woodworking Club.
           2. "Board" shall mean the Officers and Directors elected as provided in the Bylaws of the Club to manage the Club in accordance with the Bylaws and Operations Manual of the Club.
           3. "Approval by the Boar-d" shall mean approval by a majority vote of Board Members in attendance at a scheduled Board Meeting attended by a quorum.
           4. "Approval by the Membership" shall mean approval by a majority vote of Members in attendance at a scheduled General Membership Meeting attended by a quorum or at a Special General Membership Meeting attended by a quorum.
            5. "Rec. Centers" shall refer to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc., to its applicable Articles of Incorporation, to its Bylaws and Club Rules, and to its Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs.
            6. Headings are to be disregarded in determining the meaning of any provision herein.
            7. Conflicts between provisions in Club Bylaws and the governing documents of the Rec Centers shall be resolved in favor of applicable Rec Centers documents.
            8. "Card Holder" means any person who holds an Owners Membership card, Associate Member Card or a Tenant Activity Card issued by the Rec Centers.
            9. "Member" means a Card Holder who meets all requirements for Membership in the Club in provisions of the Bylaws and the Operations Manual of the Club.
           10. "General Membership Meeting" shall mean a scheduled meeting of Members attended by a quorum or a Special General Membership Meeting of Members as provided in Article IV, Section B and attended by a quorum.
           11. "Parliamentary Procedures" at all meetings shall follow the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order unless otherwise indicated by the President of the Club. The President may appoint a Member to be a Parliamentarian and function as requested by the President.  
Section A. Open Membership
Membership shall be open to members in good standing of the Recreation Centers.

Section B. No Preconditions
There shall be no restrictive preconditions for Membership, such as a requirement that a member must join any national, state, or regionally affiliated organization.

Section C. Visitors and Guests
 Visitors - - Any person, without paying a fee, may be a Visitor to the Wood Shop and be given an escorted tour of the facilities. Guests - - A Member may bring a guest into the Wood Shop to observe or to help the Member, subject to the Club's Safety rules. Each guest must wear a Club guest badge. A guest may not operate any machinery or power tools, but may use hand tools. A guest need not have a Rec Centers Card. A guest that is a Rec Card holder in Sun City West may visit the shop 2 times in a calendar year. After 2 visits the person is required to join the club

Section D. Dues
Each Member shall pay dues. The amount shall be determined annually as recommended by the Board and approved by a majority vote of the Membership at a General Membership meeting at which a quorum has been established.

Section E. Member Conduct - Disciplinary Actions
Each Member is expected to follow the Safety Rules of the Club, follow Rules regarding care and treatment of tools and machinery, and to conduct himself harmoniously with other Club Members. Upon learning of a Member's alleged misconduct, the Board shall conduct a hearing with such Member to determine a course of disciplinary action. The Board may take Disciplinary Action against a Member for reasons included but not limited to the following:
            The Member steals from the Club or from another Member,
            The Member is abusive toward a Member,
            The Member creates turmoil, disruption or dissention among Club Members,
            The Member uses offensive language,
            The Member blatantly disregards Safety Rules,
            The Member damages Club machinery or tools, whether caused by lack of knowledge, accident or intent, and either:
                         1. Fails to acknowledge his action to a Monitor or to the Shop Manager, or                         
                         2. Refuses to pay for the cost of damage upon the Board's request.

The Disciplinary action which may be taken by the Board is as follows:
                         1. First offense: a written warning from the Board.                         
                         2. Second offense: a short-term temporary suspension (up to two weeks) from the Club, with notice of the                    suspension provided to the Recreation Activities Manager of the Rec Centers within two days of such suspension.
                         3. Termination of a member from the Club shall be submitted to the Recreation Activities Manager of the Rec Centers within two days of such recommendation. The General Manager and the Governing Board of the Rec Centers shall then take action on the recommended termination.

A suspended or terminated Member has the right to appeal any disciplinary action taken against him to the Governing Board of the Rec Centers.

Section F. Communications to Members
Information to Members by the Board including but not limited to the time and place of Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings shall have occurred when such information is posted or placed in the Club's Bulletin Board area or when it is published in the Club's News Letter.   
Section A. The Board
The Board shall consist of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Four Directors. (For year 2001 only, as in prior years, the Immediate Past President shall be a Board Member).
A Board Member shall serve without compensation and normally may not serve as an independent contractor. If a Member serves on the Board for five consecutive years, he may not serve in the next following year. A fractional year of Board service shall count as a full year for purposes of this paragraph.
Within 14 business days of taking office, each Board Member shall attest to having read and understanding the Association Chartered club Rules, Regulations, and Procedures by signing an affirmation form (CR-5). The Secretary shall forward signed forms to Recreation Activities Manager of the Sun City West Recreation Centers, Inc.  
Section B. Election of Board Members
Members of the Board shall be elected according to the following procedure:
1. Nominations of Officers shall be made at the scheduled October and November General Membership Meetings and shall be closed to nominations at the end of the November General Membership Meeting. A Member who runs for office may, at either scheduled meeting, describe his background, experience and his interest in serving the Club - and his availability to serve the Club.
2. If the election is uncontested, (that means there are no contested positions on the ballot) a voice vote will be held at the December General Membership to approve the slate of officers. This vote will follow the guidelines in Article IV paragraph 2, Section B. General Membership Meetings.
3. If the election is contested, (that means there is one or more contested positions on the ballot):
           a. The Nominating and Election Committee Chairman will prepare ballots to be used at the December General Membership Meeting.
           b. At the December General Membership Meeting the Nominating and Election Committee Chairman will give ballots to Members as they sign in for the meeting. The ballots will be available for 10 minutes passed the time the meeting is called to order.
           c. As the ballots are completed they will be placed in a container supervised by the Nominating and Election Committee Chairman.
           d. At the time the ballot distribution is closed and all ballots have been caste, the election will be announced as closed by the Nominating and Election Committee Chairman.
           e. The Nominating and Election Committee Chairman and at least two randomly selected Members will count the ballots and announce the winners.
4. A Board member's term of office shall be for one year beginning on January 1 of the Calendar year for which the election took place.  
Section C. Duties and Responsibilities of Officers:
1. President
The President is the Chief Administrator and Operating Officer of the Club. He will preside over all meetings of the general Membership and of the Board. He will not preside over any Election Meeting if he is a candidate for election at that meeting or if he has any other personal interest in the outcome of the meeting. He will, subject to approval by the Board, assign duties and responsibilities to all Board Members, taking care to base such assignments on an evaluation of their knowledge and experience. He will be responsible to see that all reports and records required by the Rec Centers are properly prepared and delivered in a timely fashion.
2. First Vice President
The First Vice President will assume the duties of the President if the President is unable to perform his duties.
3. Second Vice President
The Second Vice-President will assume the duties of the President if both the President and the first Vice President are unable to assume their duties.
4. Secretary
The Secretary will keep minutes of all official Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings, and ensure that timely notices of such meetings are conspicuously posted on the Club bulletin board and/or in the Club newsletter. The Secretary shall preserve all minutes, records and reports for a period of at least three years except that financial records and reports shall be kept for seven (7) years. (Prior to current year)
5. Treasurer
The Treasurer, as chief financial officer of the Club as provided in Article V, Section A, shall keep careful accounts of all monies received and expended by the Club, and include the nature and purpose of each receipt and expenditure. The Financial records of the club shall be audited annually as provided in Article V, Section A.
6. Directors
Directors will perform duties assigned to them by the President, subject to approval by the Board, providing such duties are consistent with the Officer's and Director's experience and expertise.  
Section D. Vacancies on the Board
If a Member vacates a Board position for any reason, the President shall fill such vacancy promptly by appointing a new Board Member, subject to approval of the Board. The appointee shall serve until the end of the current calendar year. The appointment shall be subject to approval by Members at the next following General Membership Meeting.
Section A. Board Meetings
1. Meeting Dates.
Board meetings shall be scheduled on dates approved by the Board and posted on or near the Club's Bulletin Board. All meetings will be open to interested persons to attend, except when disciplinary actions or personnel matters are presented.
2. Votes required to approve an action
A quorum of five (5) Board Members must be present for the Board to conduct business. Approval of any action of the Board shall require a majority vote of Board Members present. Voting shall be in the manner declared by the President, but shall be by secret ballot if requested by any Board Member.

Section B. General Membership Meetings
1. Meeting dates.
Nine General Membership Meetings shall be held annually at such times and places posted on the Bulletin Board, as approved by the Board. A Special General Membership Meeting, for specific purposes only, may be called by the President, the Board, or by a petition to the Secretary, signed by at least thirty-five Members; such meeting shall be scheduled within 14 days thereafter or at the next scheduled General Membership Meeting, which ever occurs first. If such meeting occurs on a scheduled date for a General Membership Meeting, the subject of the call shall be the first item of new business on the agenda.
2. Votes required to approve an action.
 A quorum of Members at a General Membership Meeting or a Special General Membership Meeting shall be 10% of the General Membership. Approval at a General Membership Meeting requires a simple majority of votes cast by Members present. However, to break a tie vote, the President shall select and carry out a coin toss method.
3. Amendments required by the Rec Centers
Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the Bylaws or the Operations Manual, if the sole purpose of an amendment either to the Bylaws or to the Operations Manual is to satisfy requirements of the Rec Center, the Board shall have the authority to develop such amendment, seek advance approval of the amendment by the Rec Centers, and then approve the amendment without regard to Article VII.   

Section A. Financial Records
1. The Club's fiscal year shall be a calendar year. The Treasurer shall maintain financial records and prepare all financial reports as required from time to time by the Rec Centers and by the Board. The Secretary shall preserve all financial records, reports, notes and explanations thereof and Audit Reports for a period of at least seven years. (Prior to current year)
2. Financial records for each fiscal year must be audited by an independent Auditor selected by the Board to prepare an Audit Report of the Club's financial condition for that year. An Auditor may or may not be a Member, but is prohibited from being a Board Member. The Treasurer will assist the Auditing Committee of the Club and the Auditor but shall perform any part of the audit. The Auditor may be assisted by persons of his choosing other than Board Members.
3. Work on an audit for a specific year may be started at any time, but shall be completed by January 31 of the following year so that the Audit Report tan be presented to Members at the February General Membership meeting and be recorded in the Minutes of that Meeting. A copy of that Audit Report and Minutes of that Meeting shall then be submitted to the Recreation Activities Manager at the Rec Centers promptly thereafter.
4. The amount that can be paid out of petty cash will not exceed $300.00.

Section B. Authorization of Expenditures
1. The Board shall be required to authorize and approve all expenses and purchases made by the Club. The Board may authorize any Member to act for the Club to make purchases or to incur expenses to be paid by the Club for any purpose, subject to directions, limitations and restrictions, which the Board may impose.
2. A proposed capital expenditure in excess of $1000 must be approved by the Board and by a majority vote of those present at any General Membership meeting. 3. Any non-budgeted expenditure less than $1000 may be requested by any Committee Chair, Board Member or by a Member, but such expenditure and reimbursement must first be authorized by the Board. 
Section A. Appointment of Committees and Chairs
Committees shall be those designated in the Bylaws, in the Operations Manual and as approved from time to time by the Board. The President shall appoint Chairs, subject to approval by a majority vote of the Board. A member of the Board may not Chair more than three Committees at the same time, but may serve on multiple Committees; however, he is prohibited from serving on either the Nominating Committee or the Audit Committee.

Section B. Standing Committees
Standing Committees, at a minimum, shall include a Safety Committee and an Audit Committee. The Board may approve other Standing Committees and Ad hoc Committees as may be necessary for the operation of the Club.

Section C. Committee Members
A Chair of any Committee shall appoint Members to serve on such Committee, subject to approval by the Board.

Section A. Amendment of the Bylaws
To amend the Bylaws of this club requires a two-thirds vote of the membership present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose, a quorum being present.
Section B. Filing amendments with the Rec Center
1. Each proposed Amendment to the Bylaws of the Club shall be filed for review with the Recreation Center's Recreation Activities Manager prior to submission to Club Membership.
2. Each proposed amendment shall be well publicized to the Membership one month prior to the vote by Members to approve the Amendment.
3. A complete revised set of the Club's Bylaws duly approved by Club Members shall be submitted to the Recreation Center's Recreation Activities Manager for final approval. The amended Bylaws require the approval of the Recreation Center's General Manager prior to implementation. The results and date of the Membership vote should be duly noted on the submittal document.

Prior to Club dissolution (after all debts are satisfied), all property and assets of the Club shall be turned over to, Recreation centers.
Raymond M. Peterson                   Date: 9-15-05 br /> Woodworking Club President   d> Michael Whiting                        Date: 9-20-05
General Manager
Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc. 
WWD08 Rev. 2-2008 issue 2